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Our Materials

Twee & co loves supporting responsible & ethical companies.

100% certified organic cotton 
Our organic cotton suppliers use eco-responsible low impact printing and dying. They work closely with mills that are committed to ethical and responsible conduct. 
100% organic linen 
Our linen is certified 100% organic. It’s known for being durable and breathable, it even becomes softer and more lustrous over time.
Wooden buttons
Our wooden button supplier plants three trees for every two trees harvested. Their wood buttons require only wood from the timber and finishes that are child safe and 100% non-toxic in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards of 2009. 
Caring for your Twee & co garments
Choose a environmentally friendly detergent that is as gentle on your child as it is on the environment.

Find out why we ONLY USE 100% ORGANIC FIBRES.