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  • Twee & Co Organic Cotton

    Organic Goodness

    Twee & Co garments are made from high-quality, organic cotton and linen fabrics. With its luxurious softness, organic fibres are the perfect choice for young, sensitive skin.

    Fabrics free of harsh chemicals processing have more durability, which means longer laster clothes that can be handed on to other children who can also benefit from wearing organic.

  • Made in New Zealand

    We're a small, family owned, New Zealand business run by Mother and daughter. All of our garments are designed and hand crafted here in New Zealand. We use high-quality materials, from wooden buttons to organic fabrics to create enchanting clothes for babies, toddlers and for little boys and girls.

  • Better for the Environment

    Choosing organic cotton means no pesticides, herbicides, harmful fertilisers or chemicals seeping into our soil, water, food and air. It also means a more sustainable, healthier practice for farmers and their families — a kinder, safer world for all.